Thursday, September 30, 2010

You want me to whaat?

I just got a message today that my school is interested in picking up my blog, probably for marketing purposes.

Super-LOL while blushing!

I hope that's not the end of my cherished anonymity. Also, I'm a bit embarrassed to have the brand manager - hi, Mr./Ms. Brand Manager! - read about how I went through school with utter gracelessness. I would love for my eulogist, as she/he speaks before my ashes are scattered out into the sea, to say that I went through life with great humor and grace, but so far it's been all humor. I certainly hope they get that, the self-deprecating humor-as-coping-mechanism thing. And I certainly hope it does not affect my chances of being hired by their signature restaurant (hint, hint!).

Anyway, please read away. I and this little writing project of mine would be honored, if we do get picked.